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Koala's Burgers & More

For those not in the mood for Sushi. Koala also serves a variety of other dishes. On the Lunch & Dinner menu you will find Sandwiches and Burgers served with fresh house baked buns, Bento Boxes and more. 

Brief History of Sushi

Sushi comes from a Southeast Asian dish known today as narezushi.  Originally the fish would be stored in fermenting rice for long periods of time, sometimes even months.  The fermenting rice would prevent the Sushi from spoiling, allowing the fish to be stored and consumed at a later time.  The Sushi we know today is a bit different.  These days Sushi is made with only the freshest of ingredients and it takes many forms. In the United States we have become most accustom to Makizush or "rolled Sushi".

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